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 alside windows

Author: Bob Graham (

Is there window called a 8000 signature series. A company in Louisville, KY called Mengel Exteriors came to sell me windows. They said they use alside windows. They want to give me a promotional deal and use my home at home shows. I can't find 8000 signature series windows on Alside's web site


 Re: alside windows

Author: Sharil (

You can contact Alside directly. If it is their product, they will tell you. I had questions about a window called Ultimate 2000 being represented as an Alside product. This, according to Alside, is their Ultramaxx series. Alside stated that some companies buy their windows and market them as their own (not sure of purpose of this). When I inquired about the warranty, Alside stated it is backed by them.


 Re: alside windows

Author: mss (

yes Iam a dealer and there is an 8000 series its one step below their preservation series nive window comes with lowE and argon I may be able to able to help you my email is

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