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 tall window ? for Window4U(IL)

Author: dave (

Is there a vynil window manufacturer out there that can produce a quality double hung window this size? 82" tall by 28" wide with a dark cherry or dark oak woodgrain interior finish? thank you for any help. Dave Miley


 Re: tall window ? for Window4U(IL)

Author: Window4U (IL) (

I'll look through my books today at the height limitations of some of them and post later with what I find. Off the top of my head, I know Reynolds can do it for sure.(Atrium and Ellison are the same window) They are a solid mid-grade window that I have used in many oversized height situations and have dark oak woodgrain, but not cherry.


 Re: tall window ? for Window4U(IL)

Author: dave (

Thank you for any info you can give me. I have got myself in kind of a jam. My house is a two story home that is 120 years old but pretty well maintained. I have already replaced the windows upstairs with alside replacements that I am really very happy with so far. The upstairs windows are 78" x 28". When I ordered the windows for the upstais I was told they could build any size. So now I go to order a few for downstairs and they tell me sorry we cant make them. They said they have a 79" limit on the height. So any help you can give me on finding a company to make a double hung 82"x 28" would be great. As you can imagine my other half is not real happy about the idea of now having two diferent kinds of windows. Thanks, Dave.


 Re: tall window ? for Window4U(IL)

Author: mss (

sunrise window can make it sunrise is the son of the owner of greatlakes windows nice window. similar look to the ultramax.

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