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 Simont vs. Milgard

Author: hillyut (

Hello, I live in the South Bay area of CA. We are looking for windows, and initially were going to go with Polybau and the Window Broker, but have decided not to. Now I am trying to decide between Milgard and Simonton. I like the feature on Simonton that allows you to open the window partially (I have small children). I just can't seem to see if Milgard is more expensive because of the name, or if there's something better there.


 Re: Simont vs. Milgard

Author: kris (

simonton impressions (if thats what you're comparing) to either milgard classic or styleline has silicon spacer, double strength glass and cleaner sitelines. imho i feel milgard vinyl windows are over-rated.


 Re: Simont vs. Milgard

Author: mss (

call your alside dist and ask for their preservation window same price much better window


 Re: Simont vs. Milgard

Author: Benny (

I got a chance to see one in person, and I will agree that the preservation is a very nice window (higher end for sure), and the specs are impressive overall, but the quote for 12 windows in my house came out to be around $6000 higher than a quote I received for simonton 9800's.
IMHO, there wasn't anything revolutionary about them that made them worth the extra expense compared to the simontons. In fact, I know from seeing the sample window, that the simonton (even my 5500's have it) have shadow cut grooves at the corners of the sashes (very clean looking), where the preservations do not, and I believe that superspacer (and of course TPS) is not available with the alside window (I could be wrong on this though, but I remember asking the salesman about it and he seemed to not know if it was available)

Maybe my area is priced higher, but the salesperson even offered the standard "I can give you a % discount if you do the work cause we're slow" deal, and it was still too high. For that kind of money, I'd go schuco though.

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