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 Royal - Alpha - Kelly on Long Island

Author: Mike Mc (

Any feedback on these local window factories??? Will an Ideal window last 20 years with the spiral balance ??? Thank you !!!


 Re: Royal - Alpha - Kelly on Long Island

Author: FenEx (


Not a chance. If you read the warranty on Ideal products (probably the small print), it states that their spiral balances and all hardware is only covered for 5 years. As you are in Long Island, you might want to look for their Coastal Area Exclusion as well... which limits EVERY part of their window to a 5 year warranty. I am suprised that the rep left these tiny little items out. Ask yourself, if the manufacturer only stands behind it for 5 years... do you think it will last for 20?


 Re: Royal - Alpha - Kelly on Long Island

Author: mss (

kelly locate you alside dealer


 Re: Royal - Alpha - Kelly on Long Island


King Quality is Exclusive dealer for Schuco if your looking for a long term solution.


 Re: Royal - Alpha - Kelly on Long Island

Author: Pat (

Kelly, I agree with FenEx's point about spiral balances. I used to work for a dealer in Allentown PA and we were constantly replacing the spiral balances. Contact Elegant Entries in Deer Park. They are your local Simonton dealer.

Good Luck

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