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 Weathervane Windows

Author: Scott (

Does anyone have any experience with Weathervane windows? Doing an addition & remodel and had planned on Milgard Classic vinyl windows (actually had planned on Milgard WoodClad until my wife wanted vinyl prices for comparison. Ouch! Ah, well.), but the window dealer says the profile of the Weathervane or Certainteed windows will better match our existing windows. Anyone know anything about these brands? I may be a sucker for advertising, but the Milgard "voted best vinyl window, blah, blah, blay" seems kinda hard to beat. Are they worth the extra $$$$??????



 Re: Weathervane Windows

Author: David (

MIlgard's best feature is that the company is huge and they have the money to advertise their name everywhere. It a good window for contractors that want to build track homes and they need a cheap product quick. By no means is Milgard a high end window nor should you pay a high end price for them. But if you're a contractor that needs a quick cheap fix then they're the best


 Re: Weathervane Windows

Author: Craig (

We put them in our last house, they were good quality and better look than Milgard in my opinion. We are on our second house now and I see they have moved to Kent and are under new ownership. I am getting quotes from both, and looking for a better quality window for less.


 Re: Weathervane Windows

Author: deanne (

I also like the look of the Weathervane, but being a first time vinyl window consumer, am discouraged by what appears to be poor quality of workmanship in all the brands, save the high end like Kolbe & Kolbe.... did you find a better product than Weathervane in that price range ? I'm in the Pacific northwest. Thanks in advance for your opinion... I'm having real difficulty finding any genuine conusmer ratings for vinyl windows... Deanne


 Re: Weathervane Windows

Author: Tanyss (

Hi Deanne ~ I work at Westeck Windows in BC ~ we are located approx 1 hour north of Bellingham, and I sell mainly in the Anacortes area. Check out our website ~ we offer a hi8gh end vinyl window and have had many favorable responses on our renovation frames. If you are still looking I would love to be of assistance to you. Tollfree 1.877.606.1166 or on my cell 1.604.819.3536

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