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 Alside vs. Gorrell Windows

Author: Mike (

We got a bid on replacing 16 windows in our house and the Gorrell 5100's bid was $2400 more than the Alside Excalibers. Are these good windows and would the Alsides be reasonable to go with? Thanks! Mike


 Re: Alside vs. Gorrell Windows

Author: Amy (

What did you go with? I am looking at Alside windows also and would like to know what information you came up with? Amy


 Re: Alside vs. Gorrell Windows

Author: wvuguy (

I believe Alside is one of the major, reputable players in the window business. They make a variety of products from builders grade to top-of-the-line.

If you've not seen their website, punch in and/or

Good luck !!!


 Re: Alside vs. Gorrell Windows

Author: phil (

I am familiar with both windows being offered, and for my money, I would buy Gorrell. As a window salesman, who once sold Gorrell, I can tell you that I have yet to see a better window line for the money.
I can (and have) compared both these windows in front of a customer. They overwhelming choose Gorrell. The rate of failure in these windows is next to nill and I have yet to have an unhappy customer, even in high humidity Memphis, Tn. The customer service from the factory is exceptional and the company offers more options for the customer.
Regarding the price difference; you are talking a small amount (16 windows). The quality and features should be worth the difference.
In my current position, I offer a good window, but I wish we had the Gorrell line. (I'd double my sales).

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