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 Which is best deal?

Author: Linda (

Window Experts,
I recently received quotes on these windows. For sake of argument, let's say the companies and installers were all equal, which is the best deal?

Here are the quotes we got from several contractors for white vinyl replacement windows
Low E + Argon Gas
Colonial Grids

Total of 14 windows:
8- 24x60
2- 38x60
2- 36x48
2- 24x48

Reynolds 5000 (aka Ellison 1500)DH Solarban 60 Low e/argon $4500

Alside Excalibur DH Low e/ argon $5033

Atrium 8100 Low e/argon SH $5127

Simonton Reflection 5500 DH Low e/argon $5627

Renovations 6500 DH Double glass Low e/argon $6801

Schuco corona 4000 Triple glass/Krypton gas $6920

Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks


 Re: Which is best deal?

Author: Art (

Linda -

I'm in somewhat of the same position in that I'm going to get all of my windows replaced. While I'm not in the business at all I've been doing research for the past couple of months and have found this site and Tim Johnsons site to be educational in the extreme.

From the literally hundreds of posts I've read, I've decided to go with Schuco and I must admit that after seeing one, it IS an impressive unit. I sold windows for Sears Home Improvement for a little while and my understanding of windows is a little above the average homeowners (btw - the Sears window is a Simonton). I'm replacing 8 sliders and a bow and the price I've gotten is 6K.

As far as what is the best deal is concerned, are you looking for the lowest price or the greatest value per dollar spent?

Don't know if this helps you or not but if you're unsure spend some hours researching and don't just depend on someone elses word - the exception to that would be to look very hard at what Fenestration Expert and Window4U or Windowmann2000 have to say - they are true professionals with many years of experience.

Good Luck!


 Re: Which is best deal?

Author: Linda (

Art, thanks for your reply. We wish to go with Schuco but we are in a tight budget. We just purchased this townhouse and have put some of our remaining savings to the new carpet. The carpet and windows are just wear and tear. Also, we only plan to stay here for 5-7 yrs. From our posted estimates, what will you suggest for good low-end window? Many thanks!


 Re: Which is best deal?

Author: Art (

Linda -

Thanks for asking for my input - it really inflates my head! :)

Unfortunately I am not a professional in this industry. Again, I'd look to ask Fenestration Expert,Window4U or Windowmann2000 for their suggestions. Each of them is extremely knowledgeable and, from reading their posts, seem to want to use their expertise to educate us common folk somewhat in order to get us on the right path for our individual needs/wants/budget.

I understand your feeling about expense - I'm currently without income but I NEED new windows and I've decided that going with what seems to be the best around is, in the long run, the most prudent thing to do. I base this upon what I believe monthly energy cost savings will be and that they will increase the value of my home more than other brands - thereby allowing me to recoup a larger % of the cost should I sell in the future.

Best of luck in your search :)

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