They never gave us the manufacturer information by Clear Choice Windows Reviews

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Overall quality:3
Balance System:3

August 27th, 2014  6:18 pm

Window Comments

We were not given any information about who actually manufactures the window. There is no information on our invoice, or on their website.

Window Grade: 3.0
Install Comments

Installed byClear Choice Windows ofIA

My husband and I had our house for sale and negotiated replacing the windows as a condition to the sale of the house. We chose to use to use Clear Choice because they had reasonable prices and promised an installation date that easily fit into the closing timeframe. The windows weren't delivered until 3.5 weeks after the initially promised date. During that time, the sales people wouldn't return our calls, and even went so far as to tell the receptionist to block our calls (which she even told us). They continually blamed the manufacturer and refused to accept responsiblity for quoting a timeframe which was completely unrealistic. In the end, we were forced to push our closing date by two weeks (approval by the inspector and appraiser could not happen until this was completed), causing us to have to make an additional mortgage payment that was not planned. Clear Choice Windows has terrible customer service, make promises they can't keep, and when asked for an apology or explanation, they just demanded to know where their payment was.

Install Grade:1.0
Price Information

Their pricing was reasonable - not the cheapest and not the most expensive.