Vinyl Kraft 5500 by Vinyl Kraft Reviews

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Overall quality:4
Balance System:4

November 12th, 2016  4:40 pm

Window Comments

After a whole lot of research on vinyl (and other) windows, I chose Vinyl Kraft. The lack of internet info about VK windows (and the abundance of info about other windows) made me hesitate, but all my research on what to look for in a window indicated VK had the superior product. VK does not sell to big box stores or directly to the public, so I went out of my way to visit two different distributors' showrooms so that I could see the VK window first hand. I was going to go with Simonton, but the VK looked better, had better features and cost less. Hello. Moreover, a third distributor from out of state (yep, I called around, too) told me that his (family owned) store discontinued all other vinyl lines and now use only VK because of the complete absence of customer complaints. Wow. My windows have been in since June 2016. It is November 2016 now. No issues. Very happy, but I know winter will be the real test. After this Michigan winter, I'll know much more and will re-post if there are problems. If I don't post again, consider me as giving top grades across the board for the VK 5500

Window Grade: 4.3
Install Comments

Installed bylocal company ofMI

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