Replacement Window Cost Guidelines

Actual Replacement Costs


The Basics Price per window under about 4ft x 6ft, it is possible to buy a basic double hung window at around $200. For a double hung window of mid-range quality, prices are around $400 to $600. However, it is completely possible to spend over $1000 per window, depending on your specifications. Geography does play a major role in the overall price, primarily due to fluctuations in labor cost, market value, manufacturing cost etc. In New England, prices were listed close to the average, around $11,500 but those same windows replaced on the West Coast could run as much as $13,000.


On average, vinyl replacement windows can be one of the least expensive types of windows. If you choose to install energy efficient vinyl windows, this will help offset some expenses in the long run by saving on heating and cooling. In addition, this type of home improvement can increase the resale value of your house. Naturally, the way that a window companies establish their costs are all different. Nevertheless, most of the prices for vinyl windows are set on a few standard variables:

Type. Size. Glass. Accessories

Type and Shape

In general, using standard sizes and staying away from custom orders can reduce your cost. When it comes to the type of window that you want to install, you have to consider several options.

  • - Double hung windows are the most commonly purchased window type.
  • - Single hung windows are a less expensive option, because they are less costly to manufacture, and depending on the brand, can be up to 30% cheaper than double hung. However, they are mostly used in the construction of new homes and less common as replacement windows.
  • - Casement, awning, and slider windows generally tend to be more expensive than double hung.


And remember the larger your windows the more it will cost because if the amount of materials that go into making it. Manufacturers determine their materials cost on unified inches (width plus height) and estimate prices using standard sizes. When considering the difference in price based on size, consider with each added 5 unified inches, price per window can increase about 5-10% more than the closest standard size.

Glass Types

Single, Double or Triple Pane

Most manufacturers have set double pane windows as their standard. Single pane glass is still available but it is the least energy efficient and can cause heat/cooling loss. Triple pane glass is the most energy efficient, but generally comes with a greater price, somewhere around 10% to 20% increase on total cost. Some companies have been moving towards recommending triple pane windows and may even offer special promotions for their triple pane in which prices are comparable to double pane.

One homeowner wants to know, is triple pane worth it? Check out our discussion board to see what the professionals have to say.


Most windows come standard with a type of Low-E however it is still possible to purchase clear glass, which is the least energy efficient. There are different upgrades of Low-E with added energy efficiency depending on the brand and window type. Check the U value and solar grain coefficient to make sure that the window meets your needs and specifications.

Gas Filling

Argon or Krypton?

Generally to have a window with a krypton fill is more expensive. Depending on the company, the price for krypton could be 10% more per window or an added cost of a range from $40 to $100 per window.

Read the responses posted on the discussion board to understand the differences of Argon vs. Krypton.


Most prices for windows do not include added accessories. As you customize your windows more, the price per window increases. For example, purchasing tilting features which make cleaning easier, changing colors to the outside frame, or adding tinting for heat reduction, increases the cost.

Colors, grids, and screens:
For a customized color that is not the standard, you can expect a 5% to 20% increase on price depending on the color. Grids tend to be an added expense of around $15 to $20 per window on average and screens add a cost of $10 to $20 per window.



If your windows cannot be replaced without making additional home repairs before the installation even begins, then you incur additional costs - for example, if there is dry rot or outside damage. Depending on the size and scope of the repairs, you can see increases in the cost of your project by 50% to 100%.

The quality of the window is the ultimate variable when it comes to price, even when all other specifications are created equal. Check out the discussion board on how one homeowner makes their decision when it comes to price and quality of product.


If you are on a tight budget, be sure to see lower priced products.

Some contractors will show you their mid-high range products and not their lower models unless you inquire about cheaper options. Ask about the product lines that are a step down from the ones they are recommending.

Who installs your windows can be equally as important as the windows you bought.

Replacing your windows is not a project that you want to do more than once in a short period of time. For those who want to hire a professional, be sure to read Replacement Window Reviews based on Company to see what fellow consumers have to say about their performance. Also as an added insight, search for the installer's rating on the Better Business Bureau.

For individual contractors, search your state's website for licensed contractors.

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Can only the rich afford to buy cheap windows?

As some may say, cheap windows might just end up costing you more in the long run. They may be cheap to replace but it will only be more expensive if you have to replace poor performing windows twice! You may be tempted to jump at the best deal or the least expensive option. But keep in mind that when you purchase windows, you are buying so much more than glass!

So, are those deals for the most basic model windows really too good to be true or a great buy? Read the discussion board and decide for yourself.

How are you supposed to know if you are getting accurate quotes?

Keep your preferences in mind (refer to the guidelines that we provided above)! Most companies, even when their costs are different, will be picking products according to your likings and specifications. Therefore when comparing companies be sure the product packages and installations are all similar offers. That way you can compare the final price that each company is offering to make a well educated decision.

See what the pros on the discussion board have to say when someone asks for a price breakdown.


The best way to determine the cost for your specific project is to do your research! Check out our website for more information in the Learning Center. Read the questions and comments posted by customers in our Discussion Board. If you still have concerns, ask your own question and receive answers from knowledgeable individuals and window professionals. Finally, request a quote!

To be more comfortable with your decision, requesting multiple quotes from several different window providers for comparison is always a good idea. Different companies have diverse opinions on what type of windows will work best, and of course, varied estimates.

How can I get more information?

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