New Entry Door and French Patio Door????

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New Entry Door and French Patio Door????

#1 Post by dwknjh6 » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:12 pm

I know most people are not very high on Window World, but what kind of doors do they use? And are they worth considering at all?? I've done pretty much everything myself in this house(bought a forclosure) so far but I'm running out of steam and time(have an apprasial coming up). WW is coming Thursday to give me there scheme. I'm very leary, just based on this board.

I do have a couple of qoutes on Thermatru doors, main entry, 36 inch door, Smooth series, oval glass with crystal diamonds, and 14 inch 3/4 sidelights for about $900. And a true french, 15 light, grids in the door, Smooth series for about $625. Now these prices are strictly cash and carry and me doing the install....and I will say that I'm not looking forward to it.....Both of these doors are the fiberglass composite. Now I have priced a couple of Thermatru main entries in a similar door except traditional steel in the $650 to $750 range and the the steel french patio was about $450. Any suggestion or thoughts???

Oh, and thanks for all the help with the Polaris windows, once I did one, it was a snap....sometimes I ask some awful stupid questions......

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