Replacing some large picture windows in AZ

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Replacing some large picture windows in AZ

#1 Post by richinarizona » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:59 pm

I live in Scottsdale, AZ in a house built around the 1980s. I'm looking to replace 3 very large windows. One is in the shower and faces west. Another one is in the living room and the last one is in the dining room (which is just behind the living room).

1. Shower - West - 48(width)x72 (height)
2. Living - South - 60x88
3. Dining - East - 72x78 (recommendation is to raise the wall to make the window similar size to the living room).

All of the current windows seem to be original single pane, non-energy efficient,etc.

One company uses something called Protec glass system. Depending on the direction the window faces they use a different glass. The brochure mentions Encore Armaclad. The windows are cam action locking, constant force balance, 100% virgin PVC, lifetime warranty (transferable), all fusion welded sash and beveled exterior frame.

The U,R,etc. numbers are below:

North Facing: .23/4.3/.27/64%
East : .12/8.3/.24/57%
South : .11/9.1/.24/50%
West : .10/10 /.23/45%

Any comments or suggestions as to what else to look at? The company was no pressure and gave a written quote. Turns out their showroom/office is located walking distance from work so I will check that out. The other company uses Elite series of windows but I didn't care for the instant 15% discount if I signed right away so I'm not really considering them. Both were A+ or A on the BBB web site.

I'm not looking to break the bank but just want something better than I have now (anything nowadays will probably fit that bill) and will last a while.


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