HELP! So Confused!

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HELP! So Confused!

#1 Post by olemissreb » Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:36 pm

We have just started getting quotes to replace the wood windows on the front, south facing, of our house. We live just outside Atlanta. So far I have the following quotes:

Vytex Fortis: $8777
Window World 4000 series DH: $7218

Have another 3 quotes to come in - one should be for Simonton either Generations or Prism, not sure of the other 2 yet. All quotes are for 10 double hung, grid between the glass, full screen, 2 color; one palladium window and one transom window.

From what I've read I really should run from the WW and the Vytex - does that still hold true? The windows we are replacing are starting to rot and my biggest question is in the replacements, each company so far has said that they would clad the wood frame in vinyl on site. I think this is what has me really confused/concerned - if the wood is already rotting out, why would they want to clad it in vinyl? Wouldn't that just delay the window rotting away anyway?

Due to budget constraints, we are looking to only replace the windows on the front of the house. The remaining windows and siding will get replaced over the next couple of years. And yes - we are tied by homeowners covenants thus the reasons for the 2 color, full screens and grids. The between the glass is simply for ease of cleaning on my part!

Thank you all for your help! We will be in the house for at least 4 more years - probably longer because about the time we pay it off in 4 years, our oldest will start college! :shock:

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Re: HELP! So Confused!

#2 Post by vbhomeowner » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:36 pm

Join the crowd. I have been researching for sometime. From what I understand for vinyl, simonton 5500/prism is a good middle of the road window that is readily available. Posters on this board have had good things to say about Sunrise as well as some other brands like Gorell and Softlite and Okna. WW which you have quote for is an Allside made window. I have not heard of Vytex, sorry

However, in orders to compare apples to apples, look at U-factor, SHGC, CR, VT, and Air Infiltration. You probably need a low SHGC factor because in Atlanta and windows facing south, as do I that is why I have looked at Simonton with the ETC starter 366 or super 366 glass package which has a very low SHGC. Go to their website and hit the tax credit button on the window area. And this is probably the only way to compare between brands except beyond looks and install (which is very important based on my research).

I have neighbors with Renewal, Marvin fiberglass, Pella and Wood. They all paid a ton. I am looking at vinyl as well because several homes have done that and they look fine if capped with trim coil wrap.

Good luck, it is not easy, especially because you will probably want to match other windows later on. I am in the same boat because the former owner replaced some with MW wood casements and some with two different brands of DH vinyl (somewhat weird, one is Timeline which looks ok and other is BFrich which is ugly), looks okay but not totally.

BTW, the 3 estimates below are for white/white Simonton 5500/prism I have are for 10 DH 32x62 and 1 fixed 60x54, all with internal sculptured grids, full screens for DHs, repair all rotted wood, cap with trim coil, caulk inside and out, haul all debris away including old windows. This is for base 5500/prism glass package, not ETC-366 despite that I asked for ETC 366 starter or super glass pricing, but none quoted me for what I asked for, amazingly. I assume this is a modest increase in price per opening for the upgraded glass packages. One guy told me no one ever had asked him about Tax Credit Glass with LoE-366, which I found as strange, and I had to point to it on the Simonton website for him.

Company A - 5000, not sure who installs but most probably subs install.
Company B - 4850, class A contractor who has others do it, seen the work, it was good for a Pella install.
Company C - 4500, roofing and window company did neighbors house, sub contractor crew did install did a good job with Simonton 5500s.

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Re: HELP! So Confused!

#3 Post by ranger » Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:25 pm

Okna, gorell, soft lite, and sunrise are the brands recommended.
That said, the nee Vytex Fortis seems like a very solid window and to me, it's a better choice than simonton.

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