Replacement Patio Door - Baltimore, MD

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Replacement Patio Door - Baltimore, MD

#1 Post by rschaf2 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:58 am

Hi –

I’m kind of freaking out, and would greatly appreciate any help that is provided. I live in a townhouse near Baltimore, MD and am in the process of gathering quotes to replace on sliding glass door. The door is the original, and the house is 25-years old. I’m sure most sliding doors would be an improvement at this point. I’ve narrowed down to a couple of companies:

-One company pitching the American Jewel 590 series door. This company installed seven American Jewel windows four years ago, windows which I zero problems with. I know it’s probably an average-at-best replacement window, but truth be told the salesman wrote the contract for labor of half-day instead of a whole-day, so their price was a lot cheaper. But that’s not the point. ~$1700.

-The second company is pitching two sliding doors – One is a Viewpoint/Atrium 329 for $1700. As far as I can tell, the door would be largely the same as the American Jewel, with the main difference that the Viewpoint is vinyl all the way through, and the American Jewel is “reinforced by galvanized-steel.” The second option with this company is the Simonton Prism Platinum, which I’ve read some pretty good reviews about. $2100 for that door, which I’m told is also vinyl throughout.

Prices are inclusive of installation of the door, plus interior molding and exterior pvc molding. Grids in the windows are also included. Two main questions: Is the Simonton Prism worth spending the extra $400, considering I’m okay with the American Jewel windows that were installed? Second, would the American Jewel being “reinforced by galvanized-steel” be a huge benefit over having a window that in just vinyl?

Again, I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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