Finding U Factor of Sunrise Sliders and Picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package

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Finding U Factor of Sunrise Sliders and Picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package

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I am trying to find the U-Factor rating for Sunrise Window package. Specifically, I'm trying to find the U-Factor for horizontal sliders and picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package, before I decide which one to buy.

I asked for CPD number for such windows from a Sunrise dealer. This way I can cross reference their claim with NFRC.ORG website. However, they were not able to give me a specific CPD number. In fact, some dealers do not know what a CPD number is. Most of them don't reply back after I ask such number.

I have talked to 6 window dealer so far. 1 from Sunrise, 1 from Vanguard, 1 from Polaris, and 4 others i'm not considering anymore.

My whole point is to see their performance rating and compare it with the pricing to see whether it's justifiable the cost of the upgrade. All I was provided was this document from sunrise, but it's missing the package I'm interested in.

I can go to NFRC website and search for certain manufacturer and window type, but there are a lot of CPD number and I'm not sure which one is the one with the package I'd like.

I finally went to Vanguard windows site, and I find the number for slider. I can also go to Restorations windows and verde windows site to find similar thing, but not really exact. I know they are all from Sunrise.

Is there any better way to find U-Factor and air infiltration rating and SHGC rating for Sunrise's AR90 and KR90 package?

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Re: Finding U Factor of Sunrise Sliders and Picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package

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The manufacturer should be able to easily provide you with the air infiltration data. That will be the same for the specific operators regardless of glass package. Obviously the air leakage number on the picture window is not of a concern. Sliders and Double Hungs (of the commonly used operators) will have the higher numbers and sliders are usually worse than Double Hungs.

On the NFRC data, best to just sort the list by glazing layers. I am not that familiar with the glass package types from Sunrise any longer, but its a safe bet that the 2-Lite slider numbers are going to be comparable to the Double Hung numbers on the thermal numbers when comparing glass package to glass package so I would just focus on trying to get a comparative on one operator and use that as a baseline.

While Sunrise's site is nice (the dancing woman is a new touch), I can't seem to find data on which coating the AR vs. KR 90 is.

I would call them on Monday and get someone in technical assistance on the phone. Someone knows the answer and then, like I said above, just use one operator as the comparison.

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