Is this a good install??

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Re: Is this a good install??

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Windows on Washington wrote: Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:56 am I am guessing that drip cap flashing was already there and part of the siding. In that case, the install, far as I can tell from the pictures, looks OK.
Oh man, that's disappointing to hear! But again, I appreciate the input. I searched and only have one before picture of that window and it's small and gets fuzzy zooming in but I'm attaching it anyway.
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Re: Is this a good install??

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+1. In all likelihood that extends up behind the siding and is part of the siding system. Beyond that, its really hard to tell what could still be done to dress that up. The trim could be built out perhaps. You'd probably be looking at some additional charges to rework things provided that what was done is proper(can't say for sure) even if not uber attractive. Round top windows always present a tricky situation where even a very well executed trim job often falls short of homeowner expectations.

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Re: Is this a good install??

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These guys are too nice. A chimp with one arm and an advanced case of syphilis could do better than those first pics. the repairs look better. A chimp with 2 arms maybe.

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