Okna 500 vs 600

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Okna 500 vs 600

#1 Post by Dma »

We are getting ready to replace 30 yr old wood windows with Okna 500 deluxe upgrade or 600 deluxe upgrade. The rep brought out the 500s at our request. Not being used to vinyl I’m hesitant because they feel cheap but the 800s are to bulky and expensive. ( $145 more per window between the 500 and 800) I read about the 600 series on here and forums say they are a better /stronger because it has a reinforced sill with composite inside but not bulky like the 800. The rep says the numbers are better on the 500 and not worth the $45 per window upgrade to 600 if you aren’t planning on metal hardware- otherwise he said the 500 is best bet. So what is more important reinforced sill of 600 or the window energy/ infiltration numbers between the 500/600?
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Re: Okna 500 vs 600

#2 Post by Ricknez »

The Okna 600 and the 800 both have interlocking sills, interlocking headers, and structural reinforcement. The 500 does not have any of those structural enhancement features. Sounds like the guy with the 500 series cannot get the Okna 600. The Okna 600 does not feel the least bit cheap and either does the 800. You are right, the 600 feels solid and is very strong. Its also a good looking window with a narrow frame. If the 600 series is only $45 more, I would jump on it. There is a reason why the 600 costs more.
Contact a dealer that offers the Okna 600 and see what the pricing is, you never know, it may be on par with the 500 pricing, I have seen that a few times.
Draw your own conclusion.

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Re: Okna 500 vs 600

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The 800 is not bulky at all, it's only features the slightest visible glass lose than than of the 500/600 platforms. Keep in mind that you were probably looking a very small hand sample. I can ensure you that the 500 installed correctly will not feel cheap or be an issue. My price difference between the 800 and 500 isn't that much either. The 600 is a very nice window by the way. There is a big price jump between a ZO6 Corvette to a base model of like $25K. If a homeowner has a 10-window job the cost difference would be less than $500.

The 800 series has the most innovative and functional top sash to head cavity anti-drift design in the entire vinyl industry.

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Re: Okna 500 vs 600

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I agree with both assessments. The Okna 600 and 800 both have the same anti drift header interlock i believe.

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Re: Okna 500 vs 600

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+1, the 800 is not bulky at all. All three are pretty good, I'd opt for the 600 over the 500 for the reasons mentioned above.

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Re: Okna 500 vs 600

#6 Post by TheWindowNerd »

The looks and extra performance of the 800DX are why so many of our customers buy it.
Also my lead mechanics like installing the 800 the best because it is a heavier better built window.


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