Comparing Quotes - Simonton vs Sunrise

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Comparing Quotes - Simonton vs Sunrise

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I've been quoted on 15 double hung and 1 tempered picture vinyl replacement windows in the Atlanta suburbs. Company #1 (Exovations) has quoted me for Sunrise Essentials and Sunrise Omega 12 windows. Company #2 (Home Depot Home Services) quoted Simonton 6100 series and 6500 series windows.

Specs are as follows:
Sunrise Essentials: $9,700
Sunrise Omega 12 (low e 366): $11,500
Simonton 6100 (low e 270): $6,400
Simonton 6500 (low e 270): $7,800

I've done some lurking around here over the last few days and learned that Sunrise is generally held in much higher regard than Simonton, however the Simonton windows are significantly cheaper. This is a $250,000 house, so I am not looking to put in high-end fixtures. Just something of good quality that will look good, lower my energy bills, and reduce maintenance needs too. The question is if it's worth it to spring for the Sunrise windows in my climate (warm, but it's not Miami or Phoenix or anything). I am also open to impressions of either of these contractors from anyone who has used them. HDHS pitched themselves as a subsidiary of Home Depot itself (since they're local to me), fully owned and insured by Home Depot and licensed by the state of Georgia - not a contractor like you often get with them.

I would also be happy to provide more information as requested; I'm not well versed in vinyl windows so I'm not sure which parts of the quotes to reproduce here.

Thank you for your time!

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Re: Comparing Quotes - Simonton vs Sunrise

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Scrap the Essentials in that comparison.

The Sunrise is the best of the 4.

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Re: Comparing Quotes - Simonton vs Sunrise

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+1 to the product recommendation. You are getting what you pay for here, and that likely includes on the installation side. Unfortunately buying windows isn't like buying a TV or other item, it also requires a highly skilled installation to work correctly and last. The price difference is less about a huge gap in energy savings and more about a better quality product and installation. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but box stores generally pay very low rates to installers.

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