NC Quote Question

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NC Quote Question

#1 Post by lcwnc »

I live in NC and I am finally replacing my original (30 yo) wood windows.

6 double casements
2 triple casements
15 double hung
1 picture

I have three quotes:

HD: Simonton 6500 $24K
WW: Series 4000 $21K
Zen: Nirvana (Soft-Lite Classic Plus) $24K

I will be in this house for another 8-10yr max. The cost on the casements is killing me but at least it is consistent across all quotes. With all three quotes in the same ballpark, what is your recommendation?


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Re: NC Quote Question

#2 Post by HomeSealed »

1) Keep looking and increase your budget.
2) Find a couple highly rated, local companies.
3) Find products with high end performance ratings and a good reputation among professionals for quality.

Those choices are better than the disposable "10 year" variety, but they won't be an asset by the time that you are looking to sell. Additionally, all of those options (at least in my own experience) are on the low end of the spectrum in terms of what they pay installers. Low pay to installers + lower cost window generally doesn't = high level of satisfaction.

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Re: NC Quote Question

#3 Post by Windows on Washington »

Can't add much to what HomeSealed summarized there.

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Re: NC Quote Question

#4 Post by TheWindowNerd »

JUst a little over half your windows are DH. DH have the most varying air leakage(AL) of any window. If you want no drafts/breezes then you need to look more closely at the DH.
I always suggest a choice of a DH that has a tested AL of .05 or less. Actually I prefer .02 or less.
Okna 800 or 500, Vytex Potomac, SL LS are a few that would meet that standard.
Most casements are very airtight by design, most companies have only one series in casements.

Product is the easiest of the choices to qualify. The installer is harder to make sure you are getting the best person for the job. Usually the better installers prefer better product.

If your budget can handle a 20% bump, you should be able to have a successful project.


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