Softlite Imperial Elite vs Joyce Heritage

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Re: Softlite Imperial Elite vs Joyce Heritage

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Thanks everyone -
I took TheWindowNerds advice and started my conversation with the dealer this morning by asking him what he would put on his house. He said Joyce unquestionably. He did say that although the air filtration numbers are a bit worse he believes they are slightly better than that in reality (he mentioned about .05 he thought).

He said it wasn't just lead times on Soft-lite. He mentioned QC issues starting after Softlite was acquired like TheWindowNerd mentioned and that they were bad enough to start reflecting on his business. He said that he has known people at Joyce for a long time and they are looking to replace Softlite with Joyce.

He answered my questions and wasn't pushy in either direction. He was more than willing to deliver the Softlite windows initially offered, but said at this point in time he believed Joyce was a higher quality product.

Thanks everyone for the help, especially TheWindowNerd by giving me ideas of things to ask about. I'm changing my order to Joyce. It will still be several months before they are installed, but I'll try to remember to swing back here and let people know how I feel about them as I was a Softlite customer that was happy with Imperial LS in my last home so I can compare them from a consumers standpoint.

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Re: Softlite Imperial Elite vs Joyce Heritage

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Saying it performs like a window. With 0.05 air infiltration is a new one, Since I feel that it would be impossible to tell the difference I would have went with 0.01. Good luck with your purchase, make sure to follow up when it’s done.

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Re: Softlite Imperial Elite vs Joyce Heritage

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I'd probably stick with the known commodity in the SL option, but the Joyce option isn't bad. I've seen the window(not installed it) and I don't believe that its on the same level as the SL Elite, but if the price is right, again its not a bad choice. The dealers I know that use it generally have it as a drop down from a flagship from SL, Okna, etc. The performance is a step down as is the price typically.

I do have to agree with Todd's assessment of the owner stating that the AI "feels more like .05", lol... If anything, that could discredit his recommendation. Maybe he really does prefer the Joyce, or maybe he switched because Joyce can get him windows a couple weeks faster or for a couple bucks less.... Or in the worst case, maybe SL was cutting him off for some reason (insufficient volume, poor payment history, etc). I'm not suggesting that any of these things is extraordinarily likely, but just that the recommendations should be taken for what they're worth, which is a bit less than one from folks with no skin in the game.

Not trying to cast any major doubt on your decision, if you've already locked this in I'd reiterate that once again, its not a bad choice.

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Re: Softlite Imperial Elite vs Joyce Heritage

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Thanks. It’s a vendor I used before and rated among the best contractor jobs I’ve had done, so there is a level of trust there with him.

I forget how that .05 comment even came about exactly, but I remember some of the context. It really centered around the QC issues he’d been seeing with Softlite lately as far as their published specs go. He didn’t get into exact quantities, but it sounded like he had been embarrassed by their QC issues quite a bit lately. Someone in this thread mentioned the same thing too, and I did take that into account on my decision.

Also - he didn’t push me into it. He called while I was busy and told me about Joyce. I did a super fast Google search on the phone with him and didn’t find much so I told him I was sticking with Softlite for now. He had no problem with it and never reached back out. I emailed him a few questions and he replied and then I setup a call to talk in more detail. He was more than willing to let me keep the SL order. If I would have dropped the conversation after the first call his team would have been out in a few months installing Softlite windows.

I’m more meticulous than most when it comes to my projects, and I don’t always go for the cheapest option if I can see a reason to upgrade. If a contractor comes in as significantly more expensive I give them a chance to try to justify it. This company ended up with my work on my old house. This time around for some reason I ended up with a slew of awful contractors. One was trying to tell me Okna, Softlite, Polaris, etc were builder grade and that Advanced Windows were better and he could give them to me at a similar price to those “builder grade” windows. Advanced was weird though as a consumer - the few reviews on them are awful, but their brochures claim good specs.

Almost all of the awful ones were GCs or construction companies that did windows. I can only think of two window/door/siding COMPANIES that seemed dishonest (caps because I have friends in the trades who “know a guy who was a window company” and when you dig the company address is an apartment where the guy lives).

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