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Request Advice

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We are located in south Central Pennsylvania. We are down to two qoutes. Both local dealers. One is for Okna 500 double pane. The other is for Ideal Platinum series triple pane. Only a $400 difference. The Okna looks better from the outside. Ideal is cheaper believe it or not. We are concerned about less light coming in with the triple pain. Dealer says we won't see much difference with light coming in with double pain and triple pain. Small house and we like the natural light. Currently have original 1970 windows with storm windows that raffle. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Also we are comfortable with both dealers work. Both gave us references.
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Re: Request Advice

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The double vs. will need to decide. You will get less light via the extra piece of glass and surface of Low-e. That is true, but to what extent it is noticeable to you is all personal.

Most times, folks with aluminum storm windows, feel like the openings are brighter with newer double pane windows (with Low-e even) because of the lack of encroachment on the opening size because of the frame of the storm window.

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Re: Request Advice

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My experience with Okna is very good.
My experience with Ideal is not good.

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Re: Request Advice

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Easy choice for the Okna, I'd recommend triple pane. Double pane (at least as we know it without significant advances in technology) will be obsolete sooner than later IMO

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