Home Depot Simonton VantagePointe Windows

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Home Depot Simonton VantagePointe Windows

#1 Post by wilcharl » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:12 am

Folks.. I have seen a lot of bashing of the big box stores on here.. I bought my windows from Big Orange and here is my review and my two cents for what its worth... I am sure I am going to get bashed for going the Big Box route...

Why I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of VantagePointe 6100 windows from The Home Depot.

1) The sell.[/color] I made a reservation online for the sales presentation. I was already anxious and worried that it would turn into a multi-hour presentation with props, dry ice, heat lamps and fans. (yes, I have seen the window presentation one to many times before) This was not the case with Home Depot. It was cut to the chase, measure the windows, give me a price. Our salesperson gave us three options, a basic (American Craftsman) a middle of the road Simonton and a top of the line Simonton. He suggested the middle of the road because it was less expensive than the top of the line and still offered the double lifetime guarantee and the lifetime craftsmanship warranty which the basic model did not have. I agreed. The next part was the price. There were no rebates, gimmicks , “if you buy today we will sell it to you for this SPECIAL PRICE” in fact he was like my price today is my price tomorrow, is my price next week, next month etc… His price was very fair and reasonable and there was minimal negotiating. We had a dozen windows, several of which were large (4’x6’) so there was a lot of glass. Our cost per window INSTALLED was less than two people I knew paid a large window company who advertises on the radio for 5 windows. So thumbs up to Home Depot on the pricing and the sales pitch.

2) The logistics. Shortly after the purchase I was contacted to setup a measurement. A gentleman came in, took exact measurements (to 1/8”) After that, I got a phone call about a week later saying the windows were in and I could pick my installation time. Throughout the process I was updated online and by email on the project status.

3) The install. The crew arrived on time, they were professional, explained the process, completed the work. In my day job, I routinely inspect contractors work, and I was very pleased. The trim wrap was bent properly and installed with EXACT matching color caulk. All the windows were checked for plumb and installed in a workmanlike manner. A different caulk was used on the inside to assure a neater appearance. Upon completion, the foeman spent time explaining how to clean the windows and operate them. All the mess was cleaned up and there was no evidence that they were here.

4) The product. Home Depot sales the VantagePointe line exclusively though it is identical to other Simonton products. It is a good quality and great value window. It met all of my needs.

So why I chose Home Depot. I deal with contractors every day at work, so I should know better than using a “Big Box” Company. Right… Well your half right. I do know what I was getting my self into…

1) Home Depots pricing. They are virtually no haggle, they don’t pay for door to door neighborhood canvassers with sales presentations and arm twisting. You don’t hear ads on the radio and you don’t see them on TV pitching their product. They have a small brochure in the store and a link on the website … The product seems to sell its self, so I am not paying for radio ads , commissioned salesmen or neighborhood canvasers.

2) Home Depot backing.. Home depot self-warranties their windows/doors. They handle the after sell support. They aren’t going anywhere. I don’t see them going belly-up anytime soon. Also, again, economy of scale, I can get a better deal because they can get the windows cheaper by not relying on Simonton for the warranty.

3) Home Depot installers..
Now don’t call me crazy here and I know I am going to get attacked for this… But lets face it.. Home Depot can leverage its huge size to get great deals on contractors. They may not pay the best.. In fact I doubt they do. But, they do hold their contractors to a high standard. In fact, I know that many of their contractors don’t get paid/get significant reductions on payment based on negative customer reviews. This means there is an incentive for the contractor to do a good job and assure customer satisfaction. So you say they don’t pay them well and their hiring just any laborer to do the job… Not the case, my crew was quite experienced and it showed in their workmanship. Are they getting paid low? Likely less then average , and if I was going to bet money on it I would guess the installer got paid $600.00 to do my 12 windows.. (50 bucks a window) He was there half a day with 4 guys. (About 25 dollars an hour for his guys) Could they make more money elsewhere ? Maybe, but what I also know to be a fact is Home Depot keeps their workers busy. They always have work for them. This means they aren’t laying guys off during the slow months. If I was a contractor would I rather get paid 50 dollars an hour and work 180 days a year, or get paid 25 dollars an hour and have constant work…. It’s the contractors call but I would take the lower pay for more work. I also would be willing to bet Home Depot pays quickly and their money is good.. Not always the case when you are an installer for a smaller company. Finally, Home Depots installers do a LOT of windows. That means they will get really good at it based on experience. Our crew worked very quickly but did not cut corners. Everything was checked to be square an plumb and windows were installed in accordance with the instructions. Finally, since Home Depot warranties the whole package, there is not the issue of the manufacture saying the warranty is void because it was improperly installed.

So Yes, I am happy with the install, I am happy with the product, I am happy with the price I paid I would not hesitate to use Home Depot again or recommend them.

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Re: Home Depot Simonton VantagePointe Windows

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:25 am

Where is this big box store bashing you see?

The only remarks that I recall is that you have a much better likelihood of getting top notch install from a window and door specialist.

If you search the web, you will find that installs from the big box stores can be hit or miss.

You are right about the leverage. Most big box store installers get paid at the bottom of the market, but is that what you really want? I, personally, want my installers to make a premium for their skills and expertise.

I can only speak for me, but the other point I am critical of when it comes to the big box store install program is their products. They are not what most folks would refer to as premium.

I am happy you are happy with the install and product. That is all that anyone that contributes to these forums wants at the end of the day but I must admit that this is a strange first post.

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