These prices seem high

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These prices seem high

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I received a quote for five Okna 500 double hung windows in the regular price bracket (sizes are about 32x54). In this forum and others, the prices seem to be around $750 per window installed. My quote came in at $5400 for the 5 windows, installed, and that's with a 25% discount and cash payment. I am in the Wisconsin market.

My quote on Polaris Thermaweld came in at $5150 for these windows with several upgraded features (reinforcements, stainless steel warm spacer).

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Re: These prices seem high

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Most of that pricing that you see is old, it sounds like you are in the ballpark these days with those quotes. Actually the fact that you got two quotes in the same range pretty much confirms it.

Both the windows are good, with the Okna having the edge. I wouldn't get hung up on "upgraded features", that often just means that the better windows has a better standard package so no upgrades needed. You probably wouldn't go wrong either way as long as the install is good.

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Re: These prices seem high

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The world, has changed greatly in the last 18 months.

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Re: These prices seem high

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Since I do not have a take off for your job I can not comment on your quotes.

I would be $750 per window standard install, < 101, no grids, half screens.

Huge change in prices in 12 months.


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