Insulation Question - Minimum Gap?

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Insulation Question - Minimum Gap?

#1 Post by DerbyDad03 » Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:11 am

Window4U - Thanks for your last response re: the expander header.

Now I have some insulation questions -

If my windows come 1/4" narrower than my rough opening, I should have a gap of 1/8" or less on each side. I read somewhere (this forum?) that gaps of 1/8" do not need to be insulated. The Norandex guy said to put loose insulation in the gap.

I've also read the discussion on non-expanding foam vs. fiberglass. What's your recomendation on the 1/8" gaps?

The height should come in at 1/2" less that the rough opening. If I raise the window to eliminate the need for the expander header, how should I insulate the top and bottom gaps?

Thanks again!

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