Weatherstrip for Schuco casement windows

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Weatherstrip for Schuco casement windows

#1 Post by chrisexv6 » Sun May 12, 2013 6:55 pm

A few of our Schuco casements leak around the top strip of weatherstrip. It looks like its taken a pretty good "set" to the closed shaped, and now that we've started opening and closing the windows for the season it no longer seals to the frame just enough that it will catch water cascading down the window and directing it inside.

I see QLon embossed into the weatherstrip, I was wondering if anyone knew what size/model I should look for. It seems pretty easy to take in and out but I didnt want to trust measuring it if I dont really know if its in good enough shape to measure.

Note these are Corona 4000 series windows. The casements have 2 weatherstrips, one meeting the inside frame and one that meets the outside. It looks like both sets have taken a set, but even fixing the outside one would be an improvement. I cant tell if both sets use the same QLon weatherstrip or not, though.

Thanks in advance.


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