looking for a quality window on Long Island NY

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looking for a quality window on Long Island NY

#1 Post by LUMA » Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:58 pm

I have checked out vinyl windows at home depot (American Craftsman, 9500), lowes (Thermastar) and have had Unified (ideal), Windowrama (Silverline), Windowworld (Alside) come to my home and show me their 'best" vinyl option. I also looked at PAL windows. They all look like garbage. I want to find a mid-range replacement window but am finding that if I want a better window I have to go through contracters and pay their installation prices. So far this adds up to $300 additional cost to the windows. As an example I checked out Marvin's Infinity fiberglass window and really liked the appearance, feel and movement of the window, however until the salesman comes over to measure, they won't sell me the window unless have them install it too. Does anyone know of a higher quality window that I can purchase and install myself in this area? I need 25 windows for my house and do not want to buy 25 pieces of junk. I would like to install fiberglass, since it seems a fine material.

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Re: looking for a quality window on Long Island NY

#2 Post by Skydawggy » Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:50 pm

Most quality windows are only sold through dealers because the manufacturers don't want to deal with hacks and homeowners who botch the measurements and/or install and then expect the factory to give them new windows. They also rely on the dealers to perform warranty service if necessary. I have seen very few DIY window installs that I would consider proper and professional.

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