Composite vs Vinyl???

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Windows on Washington wrote:That Georgetown window with the foam is impressive :roll:

Note the hint of sarcasm.

Sky, is that foam and inserted foam to boot or injected. Doesn't look like the green stuff that they normally inject.
Can't tell. The picture on Capitals site says the color of the foam has been enhanced. Im also curious about the 11 layers of Low E. Must make it one of them new R50 windows ah been heerin' bout.

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The yellowing on parts of the vinyl frame I have witnessed myself on some of the windows in my home, and have seen it on parts of other composite windows. I have seven single hung windows in my basement which were put in quite a few years ago, long before I moved in and I noticed when giving them a good cleaning that the interior glazing strips were yellowing. It's pretty obvious the glazing strips and the sash stop (covers the screws and prevents the bottom sash from going to far up) are made of something other than virgin vinyl. I could not clean them like I could the rest of the window. This should be of a concern when shopping for vinyl regrind. In my last home where I lived for 13 years I had a mixture of windows including some Hoosier windows (formerly Lakeland out of Indiana) and all of the vinyl in these windows must have been regrind because it discolored and cracked in various places. In this same home upstairs I put in nine Silverline double hung 8500 series in 1993. To this day they have never been a problem and I told the new owners I would service them if they ever had a problem. The point to this is according to the Renewal people vinyl has no life expectancy, well if the 8500's in that home now 15 yrs old and still going can survive Wisconsin winters a quality vinyl should last the typical homeowners lifetime.

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so it sounds like I should get another quote for the gorrell..should I also get another quote for the somonton that isn't from home depot?...thanks for all of you input so far we have definately ruled out the andersen & the great view so far.
Any suggestions or previous experience about local installers would be appreciated as well.
Thanks again!

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What a string!

95% of today's Vinyl Windows are made from Virgin Vinyl or better known as uPVC. The regrindings some have alluded to is what had occurred in the 1980's to mid 1990's.
Today, only the cheapest of the cheap vinyl windows are likely made with regrindings. By far these are usually cheap imports and/or no-name brands acquired from surplus hardware stores and the like.
Ask questions, ask for in writing "Is the Vinyl Window made from ONLY uPVC stock?"
Btw--Renewal are overpriced pos.

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Luvmnkytoe wrote:OK so if I leave out andersen that leaves me with quotes for a great view window($11000), excalibur(15000) & simonton(13000 not sure of spelling). Has anyone heard of the great view window because I can find info on the other 2 but not on that one. Is it more important to go with a big company or a local company? The local offers the excalibur & they offer no warranty & said that their installers are so good they don't need a warranty. Home Depot offer the lifetime & so does the great view. Thanks for your input, it is very helpful to people like me who have no clue yet want to make an informed decision.
I just posted on a Simonton Prism Platinum installation i had done last week. Was very pleased. I would also agree with one of replies that said to have a quote from other than Home Depot. I had mine done from a local home builder that's very reputable. They care more about their business and installation than a big chainstore. They rely on word-of-mouth. Just my 2 cents.

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