Another retrofit window install question

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Another retrofit window install question

#1 Post by windownoob » Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:12 pm

Hello everyone. So I'm thinking about replacing my 7 windows with retrofit windows. I currently have single-pane alums with a stucco exterior (CA, house built ~1974). I been researching (off and on) for the past 6 months now on DIY'in this job...Obviously, I have many questions and some questions that I dont even know of to ask.

Anyways, got a quick question in regards to the void left in between the new vinyl frame and the old alum frame. Not within the alum tracks, but the space left between the old frame and the flush fin/stucco fin. I attempted to depict the area in question with the follow image (red area). Do you insulate that void or leave it "empty" to allow water/moisture to escape thru the new frame weep holes??

Also, I wanted to "build" a better "foundation" for the new windows to sit. I was thinking about using low exp foam to fill the alum tracks and square off any excess foam (any foam above the highest tracks, all four sides) and then setting, shimming the retro window in place. My thought was to allow the foam to cure without the window in place to avoid any over expansion and bowing of the new windows (since I'm not a pro at foaming). This wouldn't give the window the best "seal" but could help avoid breaking my new windows from the start. Any opinion on this??

Ok guys let her rip...the internet is made for brutal honestly :D Thanks!
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Re: Another retrofit window install question

#2 Post by Windows Dun-Rite » Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:25 pm

Yes you can do that. But be sure and do not foam with the windows in the opening. And if your new vinyl windows are close to the opening when you foam, move them. If foam gets on the vinyl window, good luck in getting it off.

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