DP50 Sash Kits?

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DP50 Sash Kits?

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Does anyone know of a manufacturer making Sash kits that are DP50 rated? I'm replacing windows in a mid 70's brick ranch and I'd like to not downsize the glass area. The original frames are in great shape. I've installed sash kits on jobs many years ago but code now calls for DP50 rating in my area.


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Re: DP50 Sash Kits?

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Do the windows have storms on them? If so, the net visual, even with a proper replacement window, will be that the window feels larger.

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Re: DP50 Sash Kits?

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Good advice above. I've been less than impressed with the few sash kits that I've worked with, I'm not sure that they are even rated for DP given that its a kit of parts as opposed to a functioning finished product. Even if they are, I can't imagine that they would rate highly.

I'd again reinforce WoW's recommendation, look for a quality, slim-lined replacement window. Like he said, if you have existing storms, that negates the glass loss and may even net you more viewing area. You could consider full frames tearouts as well, but that definitely ups the price significantly.

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Re: DP50 Sash Kits?

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Sash kits are the worst idea ever. Give your money to a charity instead, at least it will be doing good and you get a tax break

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