Argon gas in Denver?

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Argon gas in Denver?

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I am getting bids for a relatively small project, 1 72" sliding patio door, and 1 24 x 58 window.

I have 6 quotes, ranging in price from $3596 to $9062. Of the six, one dealer (quoted $5590) tells me that he is the only one who uses a Colorado manufacturer (Amerimax), and all others use out-of-state ones, which is true. However, he says that means that the out-of-state doors will have no argon in them, because of shipping difficulties with the altitude. To quote: "anything other then Amerimax you won't get Argon in your glass which means all product will be 30% less efficient once it gets to your house from the out of state manufacturing plant that everyone else uses". Two of the quotes are for Amlin, which seems to be in California, and 3 of them are from various places in Ohio.

Does this sound right? Does it matter? This particular installation is on a north wall, and heat gain is NOT the problem. The reason for the replacement is frost accumulation on the frame when it is very cold. Not surprising on a 42 year old builder quality door.

HOA requires a dark bronze exterior, and I want a white interior. One quote added almost $1000 to do this. Is that reasonable? The other quotes did not break it out.

thank you in advance for any input.

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Re: Argon gas in Denver?

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The out of state units will require "capillary tubes" to equalize the pressure in the glass to go over the Rockies.

Amerimax is a good brand though.

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