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Hey guys! New guy here I'm a remodeling contractor and get into replacement windows periodically for customers. I have a good two-man install crew that subs for me that has always been 'there' when needed - even though my company does not do a large volume of window sales.

I would however like to know if anyone would have a form they use when doing the window order while at the customer's residence that would be willing to share with me? Thanks. :)

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Windows on Washington
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Re: Forms?

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There is no one form to be honest. Most forms are based, in large part, on the window being sold.

Standard feature selections like grids, operator style, trim, etc. are pretty basic. We have those on our tech measure sheet but that would take you about 5 minutes in Word to do the same thing and it would probably make better sense to how your eyes see the information if you designed it.

There is no magic bullet in this case as far as I know. If you find...let me know too!!! :D

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Re: Forms?

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Most manufacturers have an order form that you can use either on its own, or to develop a form that fits your companies needs better. If you do the latter, as Windows on Washington mentioned you'll really want to customize it to the way things flow in your individual operation rather than what some other company does... I know that we have gone through several revisions over the years and i'm sure that there will be future changes as well as things change/evolve.
If you don't do a ton of windows, simply using the form that your manufacturer provides is probably the best bet as it will be guaranteed to have all of the options and necessary info that you need for the order.

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Re: Forms?

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A local printer in your area may have an old one he did for another contractor that he could modify for you. That would save a lot of time and grief.

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Re: Forms?

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Send me a check and I'll send over mine :mrgreen:

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Re: Forms?

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Welcome to the forum I'm new here tooo.

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