Design Question - Fireplace Flanking Windows

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Design Question - Fireplace Flanking Windows

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We are adding windows flanking our fireplace where none currently exist. This is at the end of the kind of narrow family room. The fireplace is brick and goes floor to ceiling. The funny part about this is the walls are not even on each side. It's a small miss. Left wall is 52.5" wide, fireplace brick in the center is 69" wide, right hand wall is 49" wide. We'll hang long panels on these new windows. We could do only outside panels or panels on each side of each window - haven't decided and might be part of this solution. The windows will be approximately 60" tall by 26" wide. 8 Foot ceilings.

What should I do to compensate for the 3.5" wall width difference? One window guy said put the windows equal distance off the fireplace so that was all centered and allow the difference to be between the outside of the window and the wall. I could actually make the windows different sizes. Is that crazy and dumb? I could center each window in its own available wall space. Open to ideas for the best way to handle.

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Re: Design Question - Fireplace Flanking Windows

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I would suggest wider windows to get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Either mock up the windows with painters tape on the wall or cut out two full size window mock up out of paper or cardboard, tape them on the wall stand back and decide.

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Re: Design Question - Fireplace Flanking Windows

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The window guy that you spoke to is correct IMO. Size them the same and space evenly from the fireplace. The wall out from there is nearly irrelevant.

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