Can you deal???

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Can you deal???

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I also have looked at some window companies. It's hard to figure this out because they all have different companies. I'm interested in Anlin windows for replacement. i had Progressive and American Vuision come out. The prices were close but can I deal with them to get a better price. They all said retail $12,000 but with this promotiona and that promotion etc it's $8300. Has anyone tried to get them to a lower oprice. i live in SoCAl San Fernando Valley.

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Keep trying you will eventually get a decent quote. Companies use the today special and give you all these discounts so that you will buy right then and there. Southern California is very competititve pricing wise so offer what you think the windows are worth and see what happens. If that doesnt work keep getting quotes you will eventually get a company with a good product and price that meets your needs.

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