N. Atlanta Vinyl Window Replacement ?'s

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Adam S
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N. Atlanta Vinyl Window Replacement ?'s

#1 Post by Adam S » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:30 pm

Thanks to all for this board... I've been reading like mad to do my best to make an informed decision. Two questions I'd love some input:

Question 1) Vinyl Window Color:
The Exterior trim on our home is off-white. Tan, Beige, Almond, Linen or Maize depending on the vendor's pallet in question. Interior trim is painted white. So - the options are:
a) White windows in / out - Doesn't look as good from the outside {my wife and I both think this is the worst option - but we see this on several of the homes in our neighborhood)
b) Tan windows in / out - Doesn't look as good from the inside. {most of our windows have plantation blinds on them; so you wouldn't REALLY notice unless they are opened or the 1-2 windows that don't have them; could also get the 'proper' colors for those few}
c) Pay for painted / capstock exterior - For our project this works out to a $3k-$4.5k option. {Do people really pay that kind of money for this? Depending on the vendor - the painted finishes also have a shorter warranty. Not sure I can stomach the extra $$ unless someone tells me having option a or b is a huge mistake)

I think my vote would be option b - but would love some input.

Question 2) Which window?
Our project is 29 windows; a mixture of large picture (4 tempered) and double-hungs + 1 casement over the kitchen sink. Colonial grids on the ones at the front. House faces S/SE - so the East side of the house (7 windows) gets nearly full sun from dawn to noon-ish; front of the house (10 windows) gets nearly full sun from noon-ish until 6-ish. All installers are well rated by a large number of customers (Yelp, Google, Kudzu, Angie's list) but we haven't connected as well with the guy selling Sunrise {missed original email, late with quote after trying to save face}. My wife and I have a strong preference for thinner frames. We have essentially narrowed to the following

Vista Panorama $14,075 U factor 0.28; SHGC 0.25; VT 0.45
Okna 500 $17,128 U factor 0.25; SHGC 0.3; VT 0.55
Okna 800 $18,147 U factor 0.25; SHGC 0.3; VT 0.55
Sunrise Sunrise $19,311 U factor 0.28; SHGC 0.21; VT ?
Sunrise Restorations $21,493 U factor 0.28; SHGC 0.21; VT ?


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Re: N. Atlanta Vinyl Window Replacement ?'s

#2 Post by randy » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:22 pm

For me, it’s always about the curb appeal, and therefore I agree with the tan inside and out.

As to the window, at the prices you have been quoted, the Okna 800 is a no-brainer. Sunrise makes a very nice window, but it’s not as well built as Okna. Vista is a non-starter for me.

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Re: N. Atlanta Vinyl Window Replacement ?'s

#3 Post by HomeSealed » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:20 pm

+1 to randy's comments. The Okna is the best window of the bunch and would be my personal choice. The Sunrise is a good window, but I would not pick it over Okna at the same price, let alone a premium price. Regarding the 500 vs 800, it will depend on which color choice you prefer. The 800 is only a white extrusion, so anything but white on the exterior will be painted. I've seen mostly good results from factory painted vinyl windows of any quality brand. For tan in and out, you'd be into the 500. Still a great performer, and if viewable glass is big for you, it will come in a little slimmer than the 800, and very close to the Sunrise.

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