Window Trim Shrinking?

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Window Trim Shrinking?

#1 Post by gg19pcgx90 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:50 pm

I have Atrium windows (no choice in the matter) on a newer home (<2 years old) in NC that are giving me a problem. Some of the exterior vinyl trim that covers the edge of the glass appears to be shrinking, leaving gaps in the exterior of the window only. The interiors of the windows are fine. The two smaller windows are also fine inside and out. See photos for samples ranging from largest gap to almost no gap. It was not like that when we moved in as I would have noticed it immediately. I just noticed it cleaning the window exteriors for the first time since winter ended. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? I don’t know what to do about this, any help would be appreciated. I am not having any other issues with these windows. Thanks.
the worst corner
(108.27 KiB) Not downloaded yet
an average corner
(124.38 KiB) Not downloaded yet
a 'good' corner
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Re: Window Trim Shrinking?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:12 pm

Pictures #2 and #3 are normal in terms of fitment. Picture #1 was miss-cut at the factory. Ask them for some new glazing bead that you can pop in.

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Re: Window Trim Shrinking?

#3 Post by HomeSealed » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:27 pm

+1. There will be some movement based on temperature, so those gaps can open and close to some degree, and some more economical windows will have larger tolerances to begin with. That said, as WoW stated, the worst one is definitely cut short and should be addressed.

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Re: Window Trim Shrinking?

#4 Post by toddinmn » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:15 am

Never seen a gap that large, even with cheap windows. Wonder if some serviced the glass and botched it.
There should be a sticker in the head of the window frame when the sash is open that gives all the information needed to get the parts. It is not the gold or silver sticker usually white.

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