Vinyl Window Designs vs VinylMax vs ???

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Vinyl Window Designs vs VinylMax vs ???

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I am looking to replace 16 double hung windows (currently have some wood Pellas from ~1970s) in my house in NWPA.

I got a quote from a guy pushing VWD or VinylMax with the total being $470/window installation included. He says he can get other brands if I want including Polaris, Provia, Simonton, and Wincore. According to him, the downside of the last few is that they have wide frames and therefore less glass. He also has Soft-Lite but said "Soft-lite didn't make the top 105 manufacturers. They have not made any real changes to their windows in the last 12 years. And have been steadily declining in my (his) view."

I also talked to another guy who was selling EnergyKing windows for $250/windows but that doesn't include installation and they seem like a really small company anyways.

When we lived in Texas a few years ago we got windows from Window Universe and they installed Revere Berkshire Elite which we really liked.

Any advice on brands available here in NWPA? I would like to try and keep the price per window under $600 but I know that prices can vary by region etc and it could just be wishful thinking lol.

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Re: Vinyl Window Designs vs VinylMax vs ???

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I think wishful thinking is probably accurate if you are wanting a quality product, install, and service after the fact at that number.

I would stick with the Polaris product line up and the Soft-Lite, while recently sold, is still a good product. Certainly better than the Wincore or Simonton.

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Re: Vinyl Window Designs vs VinylMax vs ???

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Based on the price point and window selection, I'd recommend getting more quotes from reputable companies. Polaris and Softlite are good (as are Okna, Sunrise, etc), however this guy sounds like the type that matches the vast majority of BBB complaints about home improvement contractors.

I'd also agree with WoW that short of hopping in a time machine to "pre-pandemic" times, $600 per is not a sustainable or realistic price for a good product from a good company. Yesterday's $600-$700 window is today's $1000+ window in most cases.

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