Vinylmax - anyone have experience or opinions?

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Re: Vinylmax - anyone have experience or opinions?

#31 Post by fridge2020 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:15 pm

donosborn wrote:I will ignore the slight condescending tone of some of your remarks
And I'll ignore the fact that your posts sound more than slightly like they are being made by someone affiliated with the installation company referenced earlier in the thread. :mrgreen:
I must say, I'd be a bit more miffed if I was a consumer that was taken for thousands of dollars, and I certainly would not be posting back with glowing reviews six years later. I can only comment based on the information in this thread as I have no other knowledge of the issue or the parties involved, however even if that company was not using that "rebate" with malicious intent, it certainly speaks volumes about their business acumen when EVERY other industry professional that posted commented on how it was a "ponzi" scheme, and foolish to believe.
If you are indeed a genuine consumer, I do apologize for the harshness of my remarks, however if that is the case then the poster Windows4U looks like Nostradamus right about now.

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Re: Vinylmax - anyone have experience or opinions?

#32 Post by donosborn » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:23 pm

Yup, just a genuine consumer. We got the windows from New Windows For America. I was savvy enough to know that the rebate might not actually come through 5 years down the road. We researched the program and it was legitimate. People were getting their rebates. It just got mismanaged (yes, possibly maliciously) and there was not enough money compiled to pay all the people who were making their claims. You are probably right that New Windows should have known better, or somehow better covered their asses. But, they made a best faith effort to offer something their customers would understandably like, and they made a mistake. They weren't out any money since they were not going to be receiving any. And we were not really "out" any money either. We paid a fair price for the windows. A rebate would have made the windows an absolute steal. I was not extremely surprised when I learned we would not be getting a full rebate, but I was also not extremely pissed because I had not been "counting" on it.


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