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 best u value?

Author: ebtvision (---.157.53.239.Dial1.Boston1.Level3.net)

does anyone know what manufacturer makes the best double hung as far as u value?

preservation, schuco, and great lakes I assume are the top 3.


 Re: best u value?

Author: Window4U (IL) (---.client.insightBB.com)

There are other important factors to consider than just u-value.
Any window near a U-value of .20 is basically the same in that category and there are many windows in that range.
Other factors such as DP ratings, air infiltration rates, the windows features and the fit & finish all contribute to the real world longevity and performance of the window.
I doubt that the three you mentioned are the 3 top u-value performers, though Schuco is close. The difference between a window that is a .19 compared to a .20 or a .21 is negligable and can be easily offset by any of the other factors.


 Re: best u value?

Author: ebtvision (---.156.174.188.Dial1.Boston1.Level3.net)

i understand the other factors count, i was just curious as to what other brands are in this ultra low u value range? those are the only three that i am aware of.


 Re: best u value?

Author: Bill (---.mad.east.verizon.net)

The Simonton Impressions 9800 double hung with Super Sensor Glass is in that category

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