Input: Custom Exteriors, Aames, California Window Exteriors?

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Input: Custom Exteriors, Aames, California Window Exteriors?

#1 Post by faye1218 » Thu May 08, 2008 5:44 pm

Has anybody in the Northern CA area used any of these dealers, and if you so, can you let me know about your experience?

Custom Exteriors, Pleasanton, CA
Aames, Concord, CA
California Window Exteriors, Mathers, CA

I have quotes from all 3 for Anlin windows for my Concord, CA condo. The quotes are all very close so now it has come down picking the best dealer/installer for the job. They all have good BBB records, they all offer lifetime installation warranties and have all been in business for about the same amount of time. They all use their own installers who are NOT subcontracted. I think I will end up going with my gut feeling based on my experience with each but wanted to hear from others about their experiences. Custom Exteriors and California Window Exteriors were referred to me by Service Magic, which listed several reviews for them that looked positive. Aames, I haven't heard anything on so they are last on my list at this point.

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