Simonton Reflections versus B.F. Rich Vintage

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Simonton Reflections versus B.F. Rich Vintage

#1 Post by dads3boys » Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:27 pm

I'm in the market for vinyl replacement double hung windows and I've narrowed down the decision to a contractor that is offering either the B.F. Rich Vintage or Simonton Reflections 5500 window. Both will have the same add-ons (e.g. low e, Argon, etc.). Both are being offered at the same price. The only difference is that the contractor is offering the B.F. window with foam filling.

Given this information, does anyone have an opinion on which is the better of the two windows? Your reasons? Are these "contractor" grade?

Lastly, if you think the Simonton is better, do you think it's worth the extra money to go into the Impressions series.


Rob (Northern Virginia)

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#2 Post by SKIPPY » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:26 am

Hello Rob,

Which window did you end up with? We are also looking at a BF rich window (the Cabernate), as well as a window by Interstate True View 6300. We are in Leesburg and recieved quotes for these windows from NOVA Installations and Better Windows By Beth. Any advice???


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#3 Post by Alacoyote » Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:35 am

I considered both the Simonton 5500 Series (Reflections) and the 9800 Series (Impressions), among others. Comparably equipped (Lo-E, Argon, Superspacer, 1" glass package, reinforced meeting rails, colonial grids), the price difference was only about $20 a window (here, anyway). Other than the grids, on the Impressions Series this simply required the Sensor Glass package upgrade. On the Reflections Series, each of these items are ordered separately. I choose the Impressions Series because it has a cleaner look and a better warranty (e.g. lifetime glass breakage). Based on comments from the installers, the Impressions Series also must be somewhat more "beefy" because they noted the weight difference as they were installing them (this was the first experience my contractor had with the Impressions Series but has regularly installed the Reflections Series). Check Simonton's website and you can compare the two. Also, do a search on the discussion board. One of the pros (Window4U, I believe) posted photos of each that help you see the aesthetic differences. We've had the windows about a month now and are very pleased. Of course, as can't be said often enough, a quality installation is key. You would probably be happy with the performance of either. Both Simonton windows are generally considered to be mid- to upper mid-grade windows.

I have no experience with the other window brands or models at issue.

Best of luck.

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#4 Post by joelsindc » Fri Feb 16, 2007 3:56 pm


Which installer/window did you wind up going with? Were you pleased? I too received a quote this morning from NOVA Installations, for the BF Rich Vintage and Cabernet, also Certainteed, I'm leaning towards the Vintage


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