Andersen 100 Series by Anderson Reviews

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Overall quality:1
Balance System:2

February 20th, 2015  7:04 am

Window Comments

100 Series frame and glass feel like something to be used as a temporary shield until a real window can be insts led. The hollow frame is not suitable for temperatures below 40 degrees. When we contacted Andersen about the cold air leaks, the representative said "Of course they're cold; they have hollow frames." As for the ice forming on the inside of the windows in livingroom, family room, and bedrooms, the Andersen Customer Service Representative said ice forms on most windows in the winter due to high humidity in the home. Our humidity level was low, the house was dry do outside temperatures in the 20's, and the furnace staying on to combat the cold air leaks from the new Andersen 100 Series windows. We have to put plastic over the inside of the windows to reduce cold air leaks. This is the second winter having these windows. We are more than disappointed with the Andersen 100 Series windows and would never recommend them. When consumers' reviews state bad customer service at Andersen, believe it.

Window Grade: 1.8