Mastic 3000 Series by Mastic by Plygem Reviews

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Overall quality:5
Balance System:5

January 27th, 2015  5:46 am

Window Comments

I looked at numerous windows before deciding on the Mastic 3000 windows. These were vinyl replacement windows and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the windows. They offered all of the options I needed and have made a remarkable difference in the look of my home. The "best" feature was one that seems to be a Mastic innovation - super quiet windows at a very small additional cost. They called it STC glass and described it as using two different strengths/thicknesses (double and triple)of glass in the insulated double-pane glass unit. Somehow this changes the sound waves and reduces sound transmission through my windows. Frankly I don't care... IT WORKS!!! We live backing up to a very busy (and noisy) street. Several of my neighbors had said getting new double pane windows would eliminate the noise, but we've compared notes and there is no comparison! The only one that was anywhere near the same was one neighbor who had put in laminated glass windows, but when we compared what we'd paid, he nearly soiled his drawers! His were almost double the cost!!! ROCK!

Window Grade: 4.8