Viwinco 123 by Certainteed Reviews

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Overall quality:1
Balance System:3

December 30th, 2010  3:44 pm

Window Comments

These windows were installed professionally but since the old single pane windows of 25 years were taken out and new vynl double pane VIWINCO windows were installed with new siding, it feels very cold and dampness throughout the house. These ARE Energy Star rating .29, but i had to turn my temperature up from 65 to 67 and still feels damp. Any suggestions why? Windows are tight to open but i feel drafts thru the sash and tru the brushes of ALL the windows. Look great but probably junk. Cost about $200 a window.

Window Grade: 2.5
Price Information

double pane 34 x 44 = Cost about $200 a window.