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Just purchased some new windows to be installed soon.
I saw some videos online where customers recommend to never allow company to install new windows if the NFCR sticker is missing on the new window b/c you don't know what window was ordered. That makes sense to me that if your getting new windows and the sticker is missing that you never know if the correct window is being installed. Just wondering if any thoughts on that from this board.

Also, for those unscrupulous companies, can they take the NFCR sticker off the new window of a inferior window and put in a NFCR sticker from a better window on? Thanks.

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This is tricky, as for every one customer that wants the NFRC sticker left on, several others complain about it and ask that we remove and clean it off. Firstly, dealing with a trustworthy, reputable contractor and manufacturer is recommended, and that should remove most doubts. Second, every window should have a sticker that specifies the build details for reference. It takes a little more effort, but if you feel its needed, that can be cross referenced with the order and ultimately a CPD # on the NFRC to verify. As far as swapping stickers, no, the chances of that being done for nefarious reasons are remote. From time to time the manufacturer puts the wrong sticker on the wrong window, but doing so on purpose is not something that I've ever seen even from more suspect companies. They have rules where they aren't even supposed to make reprints when requested. At the dealer level it really can't be done, they have no access to NFRC stickers.

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