Provia Endure vs. Fortis vs. Vinylmax Edison

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Provia Endure vs. Fortis vs. Vinylmax Edison

#1 Post by dmascola »

Ok, back again after a new bid. We plan to stay in this house 5 to 8 years max. We don't want the bottom of the barrel that might stand out as cheap during resale. Nor do we want to splurge on top line windows (as evidenced by my bids.)

How would you rank these 3? I live in northern VA and the whole front of my house faces a punishing sun.

The bids are:
Endure +3500 over Edison
Fortis + 3000 over Endure

Will any of these appear cheap? Drafty? Not solid?

I know it was suggested that I get WoW in the picture, but I'm just a bit worn out and really the window project is secondary to a full kitchen remodel going on.


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Re: Provia Endure vs. Fortis vs. Vinylmax Edison

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On product alone, the Fortis is the only one that I'd consider.

With that said, I have to reiterate that WoW could not be recommended more highly. Please understand that this industry is one of the worst performing in existence. Poor service, companies here today- gone tomorrow, unsavory sales tactics, installation short cuts, etc, etc. In my market alone we have two "good" companies, one where the owner is being indicted for fraud, and another that appears to be heading for a similar fate for contractor theft.

Just a little bit more consideration up front could save you many headaches down the road... Just my $.02

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Re: Provia Endure vs. Fortis vs. Vinylmax Edison

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I totally get that getting quotes and the standard dog and pony shows can get tiring. Trust me.

Couple that with the fact that people are generally uncomfortable with telling folks "no" and its a disastrous combination of tiring...and uncomfortable.

Feel free to just email me a count of your windows and general size as well as a couple of pictures of the interior and exterior. I will turn you around something pretty quickly and will call you, leave your number in the email, to review. Shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes to review once you have looked it over.

Be sure to tell me if any of the windows in question are in stairwells, bathrooms, or other locations that would require tempered glass (wet areas, near doors, etc.).


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