Exterior detail trim

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Exterior detail trim

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I've got a 1920's house with original double-hung windows. I've rehabbed the downstairs (stained wood) windows at now I'm looking at the upstairs painted windows. They're in rougher shape so I'm considering replacing rather than continuing the rehab.

All the windows have storms and the exterior trim has aluminum wrap. If I replace the windows and take the old storms off, that leaves the wood blind stops exposed and about 1" of sill exposed with a great way for water to get under the wrap. I wouldn't trust that much caulking.

I've got some ideas, but I'm wondering what the best practice is in this situation? I'm trying to avoid rewrapping all the windows. I may do the window replacement myself or use this as a probing question when interviewing installers.

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Re: Exterior detail trim

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Best practice is to re-wrap the woodwork. Once could possibly just wrap the stops, but now you will have an additional caulk line to get dirty plus the metal will look different and much newer. I would not be a fan of that.

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Re: Exterior detail trim

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+1. You could probably scab something together, but the right way to do this is to re-wrap. That aluminum will likely get mucked up in the process anyway when you remove the storms.

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Re: Exterior detail trim

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Any pictures? If you are bending some coil as a general rule, best bet it to make it as seamless as possible. Multiple joints and stitched together with caulking rarely make for great finished look.

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