When to Replace Your Windows

If any of these factors describe your current situation, then consider this an indicator that it’s time to replace your windows!

Do You Notice Condensation or Frost Buildup?

A small amount of condensation is normal but if you are experiencing condensation that overwhelms your windows to the point where you cannot see, or the window is wet, then you need to replace that window.

Is it Drafty in Here?

If you can feel air coming in through a closed window, your windows need to replace them. If your home currently has single pane windows, they may leave your house chilly and dry. Take a look at the newer window options available in double and triple pane to remove drafts and eliminate chill.

Do Windows Need Support to Stay open?

Books should be read and enjoyed – not used to prop open your windows. If your windows do not open, can not stay open easily, or do not lock / close properly, then it is time to replace them. This can be a serious safety hazard in case of an emergency – especially in a home with children and pets.

Are Your Windows Painted or Nailed Shut?

Again, having windows that cannot be opened are a serious safety issue. It also means that your existing windows are suffering from poor performance and should be replaced.

Is Your Furniture is Fading?

It is most certainly a great reason to replace your windows if your current ones are not providing the light protection you need. To better protect interior furnishings, chose Low-E (low emissivity) glass coatings, which help reduce heat transfer and UV rays that cause fading.

Do You Notice Signs of Rot or Deterioration?

Look for paint chips, deterioration, and water stains on or around the window and the window. Take this as a sign that you are in need of new windows. Remember that painted windows require regular maintenance and neglect will otherwise result in rot.

Do You Like How Your Windows Look?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your windows – they should be replaced! Windows make up to 15% of a home’s exterior and are a key factor in increasing a home’s curb appeal.

Are Your Current Windows Energy Efficient?

Windows that are considered Energy Efficient meet the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® standards. Therefore selecting replacement windows that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating can help achieve substantial savings on heating and cooling costs.